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Praying for the Rain
the beginning...

Brothers Dominic and Vincenzo DeCicco were born and raised in Canada by Italian parents. Having played music together since they could walk, they have a deep connection at the heart level. Years ago when feeling the need for "something more", a journey to London changed their lives forever. They found themselves in Victoria Station one summer day in 1986 with two suitcases, a guitar, drum machine and demos. The summer was spent in a small bed sit on the Kings Road , discovering the pub culture, the manic tube lines and plenty of rain.

In 1987, with their first publishing deal in the UK, they started to explore new musical roots. With acoustic guitar and accordion came new inspirations, songs about the land, the ancestors. The early days saw traveling to all the folk and acoustic clubs on the circuit. Ructions, a club in Islington run by the late P.J. Fahey, was the first stop. There they met other musicians who sang about real issues, with real instruments. Other clubs in the scene included the Mean Fiddler, Battersea Arts Centre, Bunjies - run by the late Dan Driscoll and the Troubadour Coffee House.

It was in the Troubadour Coffee House (London) where the core of the band met. Every Wednesday evening musicians from all over would come and play. Hosted by Roddie Harris and Julia Palmer from the band Miro, this was a feast of the best acoustic music in London. Artists such as Pooka, David Gray, Tori Amos, Keziah Jones all came. In 1992, their first album, October Moon was acoustic offering with deep felt and personal songs (guitar and accordion, percussion) with guest artists making this a truly magical album. The early influences drew from Cajun, country and Celtic tapestries. This lead the brothers performing their first series of duo tours in Italy.

By 1994, the band became a five piece; adding Delagh King on vocal harmonies, Malcolm Darwen on bass and Kwami Baah on drums and started to play London clubs including the Borderline, Amersham Arms and the Garage Upstairs. They appeared many times on the famed BBC-GLR radio station with hosts such as; Mary Costello, Lucy Longhurst and Peter Curran and appeared on early Digital TV shows for BSkyB and Live TV.
At the same time they met a group of musicians through a meeting place in Covent Garden, that networked ideas, and alternative life choices. A group named 'Hope' was established to go into hospitals to play spontaneously and entertain. It was through this group that they met didgeridoo players Vanessa Vine and Jem Friar .

The Journey was recorded in 1994 with the band. The album blends their folk/roots sound with an early introduction to their unique world music approach, creating a bridge to the future sound. The themes on the album range from songs about traveling, childhood memories, to spiritual landscapes. Not having a full time drummer yet, djembe (African drum) was incorporated into the blend. Amanda Easton joined them for the first band tour of Italy with only two rehearsals. Shortly afterwards James Dehaan joined the band on kit drum, and Paul Sax on violin.

In February 1995, a friend John Gordon Smith suggested a benefit concert for HIV, specifically for River House in Hammersmith. St Paul's church was hired and the concert recorded. So on the full moon in September, Sanctuary (the live album) was performed to an sold-out audience of over 500.

In 1996 they played the Union Chapel for the first time. This was a benefit evening for Mongolian Buddhism (the Russians destroyed all but four of the temples), through the Tibet Foundation. This connected Pftr to yet another group of people and style of music. Michael Ormiston who sings Khoomii (overtoning: two notes simultaneously) organized the event. Due to the success of this evening the band was invited to do a series of concerts the following year. Having also been introduced to the Big Green Gathering and various other environmental festivals, the music was now beginning to reach many different groups of people.

The band's name was beginning to grow not only in the UK, but abroad as well. They were truly becoming an exciting world music group in it's truest essence, which lead to the first tour of Ireland, an appearance on Sibin (all Irish TV), and Mike Maloney Radio 2 Dublin, which brought yet another audience. Other events such as the Kingston Green Fair and Glastonbury festival, placed the band in a position of performing to much larger audiences and making the transition to the festival circuit.

Past Concert Tours

2007 - 2022 Minack Theatre, Cornwall, Stainsby Folk Festival, Glastonbury Festival, Frome Festival, Union Chapel, London, - Civilized World Cd launch concert, Riven Stone world music festival, Devon, the Norwich Arts centre, MBS Festival, Earls Court, London, Bath Fringe, Quest festival, Devon, Summer Gathering, Dorset.

2006 was a busy year for Pftr and co....the summer was filled with solo and band performances in Italy and across the UK, that include the Trowbridge Pump festival, Quest, Hampton Court summer fair, Sterts theatre with Nigel Shaw & Carolyn Hillyer, Cornwall, the Mescolanze Festival, Italy and the Ignite music series at the Albert Hall cafe consort. In 2005, the band traveled to Algiers for a performance at the Salle Ibn Khaldon as part of a world music series.

During 2004, the band released their last album, Serena, at a packed concert at the Union Chapel, London, celebrating 10 years together, they also performed at the long running Stainsby Folk festival In 2003, the brothers and Praying for the Rain in collaboration with the Songlines choir (a 60 piece ensemble) presented a concert entitled ‘Creation Stories’ (following traditional stories through the use of the instrumentation from the corresponding continent) to a sold-out audience in London’s Union Chapel. A Cd and DVD of the evening were released later in the year. In summer 2003, they traveled to Italy (Genova and Sardinia) to take part in several world music festivals and performed at London’s south bank in a world music series presented by the National theatre. They were also nominated for the best band audience awards in a BBC3 radio contest. During the previous three years, Pftr traveled to Algiers taking part in the Millennium of El Djazair Beni Mezghenna festival, which included artists from Africa, the Middle East and Russia, appeared at Mora (an international environmental festival set in Dubrovnik, Croatia) to help raise awareness for the preservation of the Adriatic Coast., toured in Italy, Ireland and performed the Uk. During 2001 they were a featured band at the Shintipi world music festival in Israel. Another highlight for that period was a performance by Domenic with members of the Japanese group, The Tenkoo Orchestra in the ‘Peace Flame’ ceremony (an observance created to preserve the memory of Hiroshima) on the main stage at Glastonbury 2000.

Celebrate: 2020 New Cd release by Praying for the Rain

Civilized World: 2010 Cd release by Praying for the Rain.
Serena: 2004 Praying for the Rain Cd release
Creation Stories: 2003 Recorded live with the Songlines choir April 5th at London's Union Chapel...the themes of the Cd travel through creation myths and stories bridging the peoples of the earth.
Harmony of Mind and Nature: 2000 Praying for the Rain Cd release.
Earth Shoes: 2000
Praying for the Rain Cd release.
Enchanted: 1998 Praying for the Rain Cd release.
Sanctuary: 1996 Praying for the Rain Cd release.
The Journey: 1994 Praying for the Rain Cd release.
October Moon: 1992 Praying for the Rain Cd first album release as Domenic and Vince.
Sons and Daughters EP : 1991 Praying for the Rain as Domenic and Vince.

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