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Live at the Rook lane Theatre

“The music is both beautiful and uplifting and accurately reflects the feel and atmosphere of their live performances, which have attracted so many fans to them worldwide…a delightful fusion of modern folk music and a bunch of very talented musicians all coming together in perfect synergy". Fatea magazine

"This band plays a rich and original blend of folk, Celtic and World music...irresistible rhythms, memorable melodies, superb vocals and inspired musicianship." Maverick Magazine

"Their latest offering, is one of their finest – tuneful, dynamic and with plenty of smart lyrics and restrained energy. Between the bluesy moods, ringing guitars and appealing accordions you can just catch a glimpse of the best modern album David Crosby never made." Tough magazine

" this driven musical collective lead by the visionary DeCicco brothers just can't stop the potency of their music and the uncanny enchantment it spreads amongst all of us who have been fortunate enough to hear the music and follow their journey...Max Reinhardt BBC 3 presenter

“Atmospheric arrangements lovingly-crafted, pure, well recorded vocals, the details so pleasingly rendered. Mellow, chilled out collection that will leave most listeners feeling, well, enchanted.” The Mix magazine

Celebrate...the latest album 2020

The new album captures the vibrant and uplifting nature of the band, drawing on their long musical journey; the album’s songs combine their unique blend of folk & roots, a tinge of country and Americana, with beautifully crafted vocals that make their sound so unmistakable. The album is filled with memorable songs and melodies, performed with their distinctive style and ability to play high energy songs, along with more moving and emotive singer-songwriter material. Some of the songs you may have heard them play over the last few years, while the other songs have never recorded or performed live before. The album's mood delivers what fans have come to enjoy during Pftr's esteemed history, in both live concerts and on previously recorded music. It is a celebration of all the years the band and extended family of wonderful players have been performing and sharing their music together. The album shares celebratory vibes and evocative sentiments, which will instill audiences with a sense of community spirit and shared enthusiasm, creating a truly uplifting experience.
The project was originally started about 4-5 years ago as a labour of love, to bring several older songs, recorded on simple multi tracks into the new digital world and then it continued by adding other songs that were never really recorded as other Pftr albums were released. There were delays along the way, mainly the ill health and passing away of our father, during which time was taken to be with him and the family. Perhaps being able to finish it during these challenging days of lock down, as musicians and artist of all kinds try to stay connected and relevant, makes the album’s completion even more significant. This album is dedicated to the memory of a dear man and beautiful father, Francesco DeCicco. There is a special live song included, which was recoded with dad on mini disk years ago, when he could still play his precious button accordion and we all shared in childlike joy, during a Christmas together. ...xdom  

One of the most dynamic & compelling bands performing today, their unique style combines contemporary acoustic music with an eclectic mix of world sounds and rhythms, together with beautifully crafted harmonies and emotive lead vocals. Their music has a modern blend of folk, Americana and roots, creating a truly uplifting and high energy experience. Co-founded by Canadian/Italian brothers, Domenic and Vince DeCicco, the band have gathered a large following through the years and continue to maintain an alluring excitement with their live performances. They have travelled throughout Europe, Canada, Africa, and the Middle East and have performed at festivals such as Glastonbury, Womad, Trowbridge Pump, Stainsby, Frome Festival, at the famous Spiegeltent during the Islington International festival and at London’s Union Chapel and South Bank as part of a world music series presented by the National Theatre.

Praying for the Rain is comprised of a group of musicians who play music from the heart. That is to say that the inspiration comes from within. Since the early part of the 1990's, they have shared this inspiration and sheer enthusiasm with audiences worldwide. From their beginning, the group's vision comes from Domenic and Vincenzo DeCicco, two brothers who are united in their search for meaning beyond words, melody and structure. Originally from Canada and sons of Italian immigrants, they now reside in the UK. The influences in their music come from many sources. On some early albums, one can hear a combination of tribal elements from Canada to Australia. Much of the spirit of the music comes from the wide variety of instruments used and the places they've travelled to. With the release of the album, Ce;ebrate (2020) , their writing has come full circle, blending their early roots sounds with an exciting blend of contemporary acoustic and world music, that has always been their unique trademark. Focusing on the strength of their songwriting with wonderful four and five part harmonies, emotive lead vocals, together with superb instrumentation and guitar playing throughout, they continue to move forward in challenging themselves with their approach to their music.

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Domenic DeCicco
Lead vocals, guitars, mandolin, flutes,
darabouka, djembe, hand drum
Vincenzo DeCicco
Accordion, vocals, hand drums,
djembe, hand-drum.

Dom singing

Multi-instrumentalist, composer, performer and producer, Domenic has worked with many artists over the years including; David Coulter, Robin Hogarth, Rumer, Hiroki Okano, & the international world music group Bamboo, Cedar, Oak. He has released 5 solo albums, including his latest entitled, Earth to Sky (2023)


Vince on Accordion

Co-founder and writer of the band Praying for the Rain, Vince is not only an accomplished accordion player, but also plays keyboards, sings and plays the djembe. He has appeared on several albums with artists including; Faithless, Jamie Catto and Pooka and has appeared playing his accordion in the film the Tenth Kingdom.

The Name - Praying for the Rain
It is the name of a song, which is about family and village life in the farming mountain communities in Calabria (southern Italy), where the brothers ancestry is from... It is about giving thanks for the food and life we receive from the earth. The name is also a metaphor for change. It is a prayer for the waters to wash away the past and give hope to the peoples of the earth. It is a vision of the world where all cultures and religions can live side by side and embrace their differences, to have the freedom to be ourselves and to believe as people we are all unique and truly brothers and sisters. With open arms and hearts anything is possible.


Domenic DeCicco - Vocals, guitars, Mandolin, Laouto, harmonica, flutes, percussion
Vince DeCicco - Accordion,keyboards, vocals, percussion
Delagh King - Vocals, Bodhran, Djembe, percussion
Malcolm Darwen - Bass, Bodhran,
Mandolin, vocals
Paul Sax - Violin
Amanda Easton - Djembe, Darabouka, vocals
James DeHaan - Drums
John Mead - Tibetan Bowls

Tom Pepler - Drums
Chris Hurn - Cello

Vanessa Vine - Didgeridoo
Jem Friar - Didegeridoo
Karlos "Kwame" Baah - drums and percussion
Tom Green - Mbira
Julia Palmer - Cello
Tom Simenauer - Tablas

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