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Delagh King - Vocals, percussion

Backing vocals, Bodhran and percussion. She can be heard on all the Pftr albums, Domenic's solo works as well as on the cd's by the talented Irish singer songwriter Peter Byrne.



Malcolm Darwen - Bass, percussion, mandolin, vocals

On Bass guitar, mandolin, vocals and Bodhran. He performs with various music projects: including the Wooden Tops and Another Fine Day.

paul sax

Paul Sax - Violin

Classically trained at London's institute he is a constantly active musician in the studio and touring. He performs with UK bands including:, Curved Air, The Huckleberries and F.O.S. Brothers and Another Fine Day.

amanda singing

Amanda Easton - Percussion, vocals

She studied under Henri GaoBi in London, who is a master drummer from the Ivory Coast in Africa and while in Australia with master drummer Epizo, a Griot African. Has also performed with Another Fine day and Miro.

james on drums

James Dehaan - Drums

On drums and percussion, James has recorded sessions with  English bands such as Miro, Pooka, Irish singer songwriter Peter Byrne and Japanese singer songwriter Yoshi Fujimoto.

john on gong

John Mead -Gongs, Tibetan Bowls and Cymbals.
 us at:

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