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Projects and Commissions

We are an independent music company specializing in editing, mastering and recording,utilizing a wide range of ethnic and acoustic instruments
and musicians. We have a strong history in film and TV production soundtracks, educational projects, consultancy and events promotions.
We feature producer/composer/artist Domenic DeCicco and the acoustic folk/roots band Praying for the Rain, along with a host of celebrated musicians.

Our aim... is to help share ideas and dreams, realize the power of music in healing
and contribute to the vision that people can live in peace and recognize each other's uniqueness.

if you'd like to speak with us for any bookings or about writing music for your project, just email us at:
and we'd be happy to discuss working together... below are some of our past works and collaborations.



Dom during Earth to Sky concert

Earth to Sky concert series (2023-)
a special concert inspired by our connection to the Earth
Domenic along with Candida Valentino & Michael Ormiston
started a series of concerts performing music from a selection of their albums and also joining each other for various pieces. The evenings feature Native American Flutes, Mongolian Khöömii Overtone Singing, Morin Khuur, Mantra, Himalayan Singing Bowls, gongs, heartfelt songs, acoustic guitar, Indian Chakra Shlokas and more.

dom at colourscape 2023 Colourscape Music Festival (2023-)
Domenic has been invited to join the group of artists/workshop facilitators at this acclaimed performance/installation series of Festivals that happen across the UK from spring til early autumn each year. It has been going for over 30 years and is held in high regard for work with young children and the disabled.
natuve america

Native America
Highly successful studio/library album based
on traditional themes,
with a contemporary feel.
Domenic and Vince wrote and recorded with South African writer/producer Robin Hogarth in their Twin Arrows studio
and mastered in The Dairy in Brixton for release
through Music House/ EMI, UK. Production included
guest musicians, a choir, string sections, traditional
and Native American instruments.



medicine men

The Last of the Medicine Men
Recorded music and commentary for this BBC2 TV series,
produced by Salim Salam, chronicling Benedict Allen's journey into world of the shaman (medicine man) through four countries & cultures (Tuvans of South Siberia, Huitchol of Mexico, Haitians of the Caribbean, Kerai of Siberut Island of Sumatra in Indonesia). Music composed by Michael Ormiston & Keith Waithe.

silk road

Silk Road Tales
Domenic was workshop facilitator and performer for this month long
BBC-British Library project for 12-17 year old students, culminating with a live performance at London's Shaw theatre. Conducted by the celebrated composer Steve Montague.



Ainu Totem Pole

Artists of the Wilderness
The project with Domenic as artistic producer was
awarded a grant by the The Daiwa Anglo-Japanese Foundation, to travel to Japan and research the stories, art and music of the Ainu Peoples of Hokkaido. This was an initial meeting towards the possibility of a future exhibition and collaboration.

ainu instruments Ainu girl playing



This Earth For Us
Australia Dreaming Exhibition

Music for accompanying film for this very successful exhibit. Shown in London, Bristol, Edinburgh and Sidney.



real witch

The Real Witch Project
Domenic wrote, produced and recorded music for
this channel Five/Cicada films project, directed
by Jaine Green. Singers included well known artist Rumer.



invasion Iraq

Invasion Iraq (Kurds the music)
Domenic performed on, recorded and mixed this
Channel 4/ Dispatches documentary. Commissioned by composer/musician Michael Ormistion.

condor,coyote and canyon The Condor, the Coyote and the Canyon
Voice and percussion by Domenic on background music for this Survival Anglia/ Discovery Channel documentary. Music produced by acclaimed Grammy award winning composer /producer Robin Hogarth.
chinese project

Dancing Along the Silk Road
Domenic mastered and produced both the music
and artwork school resource pack with accompanying
Cd for the Chinese Cultural Centre in London.
Included was a voice over for introduction by Domenic.


earth sky and me

The Earth, The Sky and Me
the songs and music of Praying for the Rain

Domenic & Vince DeCicco in 2 unique performances
with the
popular music students from Stratford-Upon Avon College...included were lectures and workshops/rehearsals
with the studentsfor the month leading up to the final show.
Commissioned by head of music and acclaimed
composer/musician David Coulter.

stratford college 3 Stratford college 2


joy of sound

The Joy of Sound
Domenic and Vince created and produced the music
for a CD with a group of adults with severe learning
difficulties and 50 guest musicians in a truly interactive
project for the Peabody Trust and Millennium Fellowship.


pleasure zone cd cover Zone Music - Fun Fun Fun
Placed songs on 2 box cd sets. Domenic and Vince provided music for the Cd's entitled Pleasure Zone and TV Zone.
hammersmith college

Hammersmith and West London college
Teaching facilitator
Domenic was invited by the Music department as guest speaker for several sessions covering topics such as vocal techniques, music and business, song structure and promotion.


keith waithe

Keith Waithe - Rhythms of Freedom album
Domenic produced & recorded the Rhythms of Freedom
album by world-renowned jazz/world flautist in his Twin Arrows Music studio. H
e also designed Cd cover.

wonderlust cover

Wanderlust - Songlines Choir
Album from London based choir, Songlines. Recorded live
at the Union Chapel and Twin Arrows studios.
(Domenic recorded, edited and produced the Cd,
as well as artwork ) He also performed at the live concert.



commonwealth 1991 Commonwealth Day 1999 - Westminster Abbey
Domenic and Vince with David Coulter perform for
world leaders and dignitaries
during this observance
at Westminster Abbey hosted
The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh.