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domenic on native american flute

Domenic DeCicco

musician, vocalist, composer, producer, engineer and workshop facilitator.

Born in Canadian of Italian heritage, Domenic is an acclaimed multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, composer and producer, who has travelled the world sharing his music as a solo artist and co-founder/lead vocalist of the innovative acoustic roots band Praying for the Rain. He is a deeply soulful and compelling musician and storyteller who brings a rich, uncluttered quality to his music that fills his songs with evocative imagery and lyrical narrative. He has toured across the UK and throughout Europe, Canada, Africa, Japan and the Middle East and has performed at festivals such as Glastonbury, Womad, Frome and Stainsby and at the acclaimed Minack Theatre in Cornwall, Uk and at London’s Union Chapel and National Theartre, South Bank.

Through his experiences of performing and traveling, he has learned to play a variety of eclectic instruments such as Native American flutes & hand drums, African drums & percussion, middle eastern Darabouka and Ghatam, Cretan Laouto & Outi, the Madura (reeded flute) to name a few. The energy of sharing with other people and cultures has made it’s way into many aspects of his singing, writing and music and through the language of music and his study of sound, he has come to a broader understanding of the world around him. He has released a new single and video for the song, It's Amazing (November 2023), originally from the album Seeds of Evergreen, available across all digital platforms ..following the successful release his latest album entitled, Earth to Sky (2023- both as hard copy and digital download)


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Earth to Sky ...a 2023 release

The album’s collection of pieces features Native American flutes that were recorded over many years both in Canada and the UK. They were inspired by the beauty of this world we share and our connection with the land, the sea, the sky & the air… from gentle strolls along many sea shores, to countless walks in the woods in my homeland of Canada as well those from the ancient forests in Britain.
" It has been a personal inward journey for me and I hope the listener can experience the meditative spirit and healing energy within the music...dd"
I am Quiet, I am still. I am within myself and without. I am connected to all things above and below…inside me. I feel part of the eternal flow. I look in all directions and see the earth and sky fused as one on the distant horizon, bound together endlessly throughout time. It is said in Native American beliefs that the Great Spirit first created Father Sky and Mother Earth, from whence springs the seed of all living things. We are all connected within this cycle of nature, born and nurtured by the Earth, energized with light from the sky, breathing in the air of life, drinking from the healing waters and then at the end, we return to the source.

Healing Waters * Little Bird * Flute Under a Pear Tree * December Moon
Earth to Sky * Wind Song * Forest Spirits * Ancient Voices
The Wandering Path * Wolf Song
* The Dreaming Tree * Morning Sun
Echoes in the Woods * As Night Falls

All songs written and performed by Domenic DeCicco. Instruments used include Native American Flutes and hand drums, Cretan Laouto, acoustic and electric guitars, voice, Tibetan bells and bowls, Gamelan gong, Irish Flute, keyboards, percussion & recorded nature sounds. Special thanks to Jane McMahon for second flute on The Wandering Path and nature sounds from Devon on Healing Waters. To Will Angeloro for extra ears on early some early mixes.
Produced and mastered at Twin Arrows Studio by Domenic DeCicco
©&℗ 2022 All words and music Domenic DeCicco

Never Letting Go album

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Never Letting Go ... album 2021

This album came together during the lock down through 2020-21.
The collection of songs capture some of the profound feelings & inner reflections that were stirred while facing oneself during this period of isolation. They are intimate and moving in their essence with a sublime and thoughtful honesty driven by Domenic’s evocative and tender vocals. The album is filled with beautifully crafted songs and harmonies, and compelling performances.
The music explores emotive singer-songwriter pieces such as Faded Stone and Yesteryear to more rhythmic and upbeat songs like the title track, Never Letting Go and the riveting Call for Freedom. The album also includes two new beautiful arrangements of previously recorded songs, Sunlight Skies and As The Skies Turn..
Instruments used include:  acoustic & electric guitars, mandolin, Cretan Laouto, harmonica, Native American flutes & drums, cello, violin, accordion and Bodhrans.

Special thanks & gratitude to my dear friends who gave of their time to help complete this latest offering....always d

Album Tracks
Faded Stone *
Saving Grace * Could Have Been * Never Letting Go
Call For Freedom * Strange Year * Sunlight Skies * As The Skies Turn
Where Does the Time Go * You See Me * A Gentle Heart

Seeds of Evergreen Cd

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Seeds of Evergreen
The albums themes are touching in their purity and convey a sense of honesty and vulnerability that draws the listener in from the start. Singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, Domenic defies any easy label. The collection of songs stir in their own sensibilities and haunting melodies, crossing between contemporary acoustic folk, touches of roots and world music, and even his flavour of country and jazz. His wealth of musical styles and smooth and expressive voice are all skillfully blended into a seamless flow of music from the heart that absorbs the listener entirely into the narratives of each piece. He is joined by a list of celebrated musicians including:

Delagh King - vocals, Chris Hurn - cello, Mal Darwen - bass, vocals Tom Pepler - drums, Richard Kennedy - vocals,
Amanda Easton - vocals, Vince DeCicco - accordion
Robin Rhind - Hammond organ,
15 Tracks in total, including two beautiful bonus instrumentals at the end of album."

Album Tracks
Big Sky *
All In A Life * Seeds of Evergreen * Get Up and Go
The Circle * Moment In Time * It's Amazing * Dreamer
Forward Motion * Living In America * La La Song * How Long
Thread of Life *
A Quiet Night (instrumental) * Sisters (instrumental)

still lives and dreamers cover

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Still Lives & Dreamers
the cd is comprised of intimate and powerfully moving songs, with very passionate vocals and sublime musical performances... for all of you who have enjoyed listen to him sing some of his more acoustic songs through the're going love this Cd....
for more reviews see below.....

"A series of mature and eloquent, intimate, passionate and haunting performances... a quietly stunning record..."
Net Rhythms magazine

at Sunset  cover

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At Sunset
A sublime selection of instrumental songs that were inspired by Domenic's years of traveling to Crete, Greece. The movements take the listener to those tranquil places by the sea and feed the soul with mountain air. Using instruments from Crete such as the Laouto, Outi and Madura, coupled with the guitar, native american flute and voice, this collection of songs brings an inner quiet & peace and reaches an ancient place within you.

"dexterous and intuitive, talented domenic calls on his multi-cultured background to offer moods from thoughtful (Breath In the Sea) to enriching (First Son). Stand out track: At Sunset..." Musician magazine













"Terrific and powerful stuff..wonderfully layered sound...Call for Freedom is a hypnotic driving chant." Frank Hennessy, Celtic Heartbeat BBC radio Wales 

"The latest album is a beautiful mix of soothing vocals, meaningful lyrics and peaceful guitar work. DeCicco’s voice is exceptional. Over all, Seeds of Evergreen is a great listen, and DeCicco’s reputation will have been done no harm by this marvelous release." Maverick Magazine.

“He has a chameleon voice, sometimes rough and husky, sometimes sweet and clear. There are fleeting glimpses of Dylan and Paul Simon in his delivery; his voice is strong and true, capable of passion and drama as well as gentleness .”
Folking .com

"packed full of well-crafted songs and beautifully played throughout, so if the idea of an easygoing, rootsy album perfect for a Sunday morning appeals, you won’t do much better than Seeds of Evergreen". Rock n Reel

."Overtures of acoustic folk mix effortlessly with softly expressive jazz, dig deeper and touches of country, as is a miasma of roots influences from across the globe. Inventive, pluralistic, expressive and diverse..This is an album that could easily become part of your regular playlist."FolkWords

“ Stunning songs make up this inspirational new album from an innovative writer/performer.” The Musician

"Moody and reflective... draws you in and invites you to listen and share his feelings and experiences. Domenic is a talented musician, composer and producer of whom many people will soon begin to take note." Mardles Magazine

"There is a haunting quality to this performance that really draws me into the songs. Domenic’s vocal performances are really compelling emotionally. Lyrical theme and imagery seem especially sincere. Delicate yet intensely powerful. Beautiful songs and passionate sounding performances."Taxi

"Splendid picked acoustic guitar accompaniment...he has that singular talent of making the listener feel he/she is a personal friend, specially chosen to be party to his innermost thoughts." Properganda





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