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Praying for the Rain

Celebrate album cover

Celebrate ...the latest album (2020)
The new album captures the vibrant and uplifting nature of the band, drawing on their long musical journey; the album’s songs combine their unique blend of folk & roots, a tinge of country and Americana, with beautifully crafted vocals that make their sound so unmistakable. The album is filled with memorable songs and melodies, performed with their distinctive style and ability to play high energy songs, along with more moving and emotive singer-songwriter material. Some of the songs you may have heard them play over the last few years, while the other songs have never recorded or performed live before. The album's mood delivers what fans have come to enjoy during Pftr's esteemed history, in both live concerts and on previously recorded music. It is a celebration of all the years the band and extended family of wonderful players have been performing and sharing their music together. The album shares celebratory vibes and evocative sentiments, which will instill audiences with a sense of community spirit and shared enthusiasm, creating a truly uplifting experience.

Album Tracks
1. Obsession
2. Brand New Car 3. Celebrate 4. Heart of the City
Angel of Mercy 6. Coming Home 7. Small Town Blues
8. You Can Call It Love 9. Who's Afraid of the Dark 10. October Moon
11. Red River Valley 12. The River 13. Dad's Song

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Civilized World CD cover





Civilized World 2010
The new album is an inspired collection of songs that bridges the years of the
Praying for the Rain sound. It flows through themes of past travels, deep connections to family and friends, come and gone, to the evolving world around us. From the opening song, Jerolim, the listener is drawn into beautiful melodies, harmonies and rhythm, which sets the contemporary mood of the album. Always known for their innovative approach to music and sound, along with the beautiful merging of male and female voices, this new Cd blends traditional with modern cultures, world music and folk-roots, creating a rich, intriguing tapestry of acoustic ambience. On Fallen Star, the use of pulsing Bodhrans with featured violin and accordion, together with superb guitar playing, shows the versatile nature of the band in a distinctive Celtic-Italian feel. The album is filled with stunning musical performances, movements and intriguing vocal arrangements, like in the hypnotic groove of Rhythm of Life and the enticing guitar playing on the swampy Coffee Cup, to the sublime and meditative Sacred Stones, bringing a timeless resonance to this latest recording.

Album Tracks
Jerolim *
Fallen Star * Don't Walk On By * Coffee Cup (Hallelujah)
Civilized World * Away on the Wind * Angels Call * Stand By Me * Rhythm of Life Undecided * Sacred Stones * Goodbye Butch Cassidy

Serena Cd cover


Serena 2004
Pftr celebrated their 10th anniversary with the release of this Cd. From the opening, the album draws the listener in with its high energy and diversity, using an eclectic mix of sounds, rhythms and ethnic traditions, together with evocative vocals and acoustic instruments such, violin, mandolin, Bodhran, Native American flutes, Khoomii (Mongolian throat singing), Morin hur(horse fiddle), didgeridoo, percussion, guitars and accordion. The themes on this cd explore relationships and how important they are in our everyday life. Sun & moon, father & son, mother & daughter, sister & brother, friends & lovers, how we are to ourselves, to one another and to all that is around us.

Album Tracks
the Sun and the Moon *
Where the Heart Lies * Italian Lullaby * Serena
Live Life * Peaceful Flowing River* Ancestors Dreams * Yanauluha *
Cherokee Morning Song (traditional) * Stand Together * Zuni Sunrise (traditional)

Harmony of mind and nature


Harmony of Mind and Nature 2002
Recorded on one of the busiest corners in the world in Brixton, London, where the vibrant buzz of the city is matched with a celebrated mix of multi-cultural life, this album makes use of samples that reflect that urban landscape, interwoven with haunting lead vocals and beautifully rendered acoustic instruments such as Tibetan bowls, darabouka, didgeridoo, flutes, violin, guitars and accordion. The stories within the songs touch on poignant themes like birth and regeneration and the quest for balance between the forces of mind and nature. Many sounds appear within the music, from the streets of Brixton in Afterglow, to Aurora's heartbeat inside her mother's womb, and the bustle of Algiers as the call to prayer sounds at Bab El Oued. Ancient Evenings is a dream of the past that could be the future. Migration is dedicated to Amos who lives on the Six Nations reserve in the Mohawk Valley near Niagara Falls. He is trying to keep the culture of his people alive through music and the internet. Water from Stone celebrates the Aboriginal people who sing the songlines.
All the indigenous instruments used in our music are played with respect, and for the preservation of knowledge for future generations.

There is an ancient Mayan saying "e vam maya e ha ho" which means:
All Hail to the Harmony of Mind and Nature

Album Tracks
I Am *
Harmony of Mind and Nature * Aurora * Who Did I Imagine God To Be
After Glow * Words in Ancient Evenings * Migration * Bab El Oued
Water From Stone * Grandmother's Bones * Cedar


enchanted cd cover

Enchanted 2000
A collection of songs about spirits and the dance of souls which come together for a brief but wonderous moment. Recorded in Twin Arrows Studios, Enchanted is embroidered with the sounds of the earth. From the didgeridoo on Storm and Celtic Dance, to the mbira (African thumb piano) and cedarwood flute on Light is Fire, the album flows freely between compelling lead vocals and choral harmony. It moves in between the sounds of the East (Mongolian Khoomii) and Indian drone of accordion to a crossing of the Celts inthe violin, played simply over the exquisite acoustic guitars. Enchanted is an album which celebrates diversity and imagines all the rivers of sound meeting in one musical place.

Album Tracks
Storm *
Light Is Fire * I Catini * Underwater * Red Tree * Great Divide
Celtic Dance * As The Skies Turn * Firewalking * Underwater (Remix)

sanctuary cover


Sanctuary 1996
Sanctuary is an album for unashamed lovers of the earth (recorded live on a full moon night in St Paul's Church (Hammersmith, London UK). It is a celebration whose evocative neo pagan sentiments instill in the listener a sense of community spirit and shared enthusiasm. The album is written in story form and uses the influence of world tribal instruments didgeridoo (Australia), djembe (African drum), Khoomi (Mongolian throat singing), Native American flute and hand drum along with more traditional western fiddle, accordion and acoustic guitar to create a truly hypnotic sound. Domenic possesses a beautiful voice which he uses in the manner of a story teller pulling listeners in with his emotional expression. Album Tracks
Bluebird *
Who Am I * Maya * Sons and Daughters * Winter * Pandora
Love Song * Praying for the Rain * Mother Earth


journey cover


The Journey 1994
From the energetic opening songs Brand New Car, Who's Afraid of the Dark and Red River Valley to the slower reflective gems What's Happening Now and St. Sebastian's, to the meditative conclusion Dreamland, this is a true internal journey both musical and poetical. The atmosphere in places take one's mind to the solo works of Daniel Lanois, pervaded with the gentle flavours of Love Song, along with the more sinuous Who Am I, Sons and Daughters and Pandora.

Album Tracks
Brand New Car * Who's Afraid of the Dark
* Scream * Whats Happening Now
Red River Valley * Who Am I * Sons and Daughters * Pandora * Love Song
St Sebastian's * Dreamland

october moon cover

October Moon 1992
The first album from the brothers DeCicco mature and romantic, bridged with vitality and energy from the simplicity of acoustic guitar, accordion and the intense voices of the two. Beginning with October Moon they create a warm cajun atmosphere, through to The River, a classic in every sense of the word, powerful vocals and message with a modern gospel feel. Simple rhythmic verses, they sing about love, life and ancestors present, past and future.

Album Tracks
October Moon * Lean On
* Angel of Mercy * Big Yellow Bike * Sandcastles
Praying for the Rain * Abrahams Children * You and Me * Mother Earth
The River

creation stories cover


Creation Stories 2003
Praying for the Rain and Songlines Choir (Live concert)
The concert was a culmination of over a year's preparation and the efforts of a community of artists and technicians dedicated to spirit and cooperation. Drawing on the vibrant and creative energy of London, Praying for The Rain and the Songlines choir were brought together for this unique production. Whilst researching and composing the show, we were constantly amazed by the striking similarities that exist between the world's ancient creation myths. The resonant archetypal beauty of those stories reinforced our common underlying philosophy: humankind's desires, aspirations and requirements are essentially the same, flowing as we believe they do, from one initial source.

Album Tracks
Om *
Yanaualuha * In Between the Sun and the Moon * Sea Song * Panku
Obatala * Gods Creatures * Lalla * Man * Lullaby Song * Listen
Where the Heart Lies * War Song * Ancesters Dreams * Will We Ever Return
Peaceful Flowing River * Stand Together * Zuni Sunrise