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The Musician – journal for the Musicians Union spring 2007
Stunning songs make up this inspirational new album from an innovative writer/performer. Singer/writer domenic has created a debut solo album of stunning and powerful songs, delivered with conviction and soul that will be the envy of his contemporaries in the songwriting/performer circuit. Previously best known for his work with the innovative Praying for the Rain and instrumental release At Sunset, he makes a significant step forward to wider recognition with this collection of inspirational and eloquent songs Of particular note is the crisp and fresh quality of All That Am, which would fit straight into mainstream radio and stand up most favourably alongside current acoustic chart movers. Consistently high class from start to finish, this is a set that should carry Domenic a long, long way.

David Kidman April 2007 Net Rhythms magazine
Domenic's debut solo CD, turns out to be a series of mature and eloquent, intimate, passionate and haunting performances of his own impressively crafted original songs given with uncluttered and tremendously effective backings (mostly his own guitars and Laouto - a Cretan instrument - with some flute and keyboard). And superbly recorded to boot, crisp yet with plenty of ambience. Still Lives and Dreamers sees Domenic returning to his roots as a singer-songwriter, and it's clear that he has a talent for coming up with lyrical and thought-provoking songs which reflect powerfully and movingly on themes such as the rediscovery and celebration of life. In some respects (songs such as A Single Soul), his writing reminds me of classic chansonniers such as Brel, whereas other songs (I Feel You In Me) bring to mind the gentle philosophicality of Dougie MacLean through the use of universal imagery and then there is the upbeat penultimate track, the Cat Stevens-like Glass Bubble. The overall effect is of a sumptuous tonal richness that suits Domenic's writing – and his intense, accomplished vocal work. Domenic clearly has a good feel for texture, and exercises an admirable restraint on most of the album; striking instrumental colours such as Vince DeCicco's accordion and David Coulter's violin or bowed saw weave a luscious magic on songs such as the title track, Let Go Of The Tears and Angel's Wings and the glitteringly It's Christmas Time Again. Oh, and I might also mention that one key song, Sunlight Skies, is given in two differently-accompanied versions here. Taken on its own terms, Still Lives and Dreamers is actually a quietly stunning record that you may well enjoy more than you might expect. Presentation is economical too, with full lyrics crammed neatly into the single-fold insert. (Distributed by Proper.)

Mike Everett Spring 2007 Mardles Magazine
This is the debut solo album from Domenic DeCicco, a name completely unknown to me. It's always difficult reviewing singer-songwriters because, by definition, they have written new material that is totally unfamiliar. So I look for a general impression that it makes. This album is moody and reflective and draws you in to it. It's generally quiet and contemplative and you need time to listen carefully to the carefully crafted lyrics. His voice is very easy to listen to and his material, although gentle, doesn't allow you to simply relax; it invites you to listen and share his feelings and experiences. Domenic is a talented musician, composer and producer of whom many people will soon begin to take note. His CD is distributed in the UK by Proper Distribution. It is on the Twin Arrows Music label, which began in 1997 to support the efforts of the eclectic world-fusion band, Praying for the Rain, for whom Domenic is a founder member and writer.

Taxi spring 2007
There is a haunting quality to this performance that really draws me into the songs. Domenic’s vocal performances are really compelling emotionally. Lyrical theme and imagery seem especially sincere. Delicate yet intensely powerful. Beautiful songs and passionate sounding performances.

Review Properganda spring 2007
This is Domenic’s solo debut and is a reflective collection of songs, a personal musical diary in effect, about his development as a musician, a writer and a man. The opening and title track comes across as an over view or introduction to the subject matter of the album, with each following song specifically addressing one of the reference points. The arrangements and multi-layered production is coaxed along by some splendid picked acoustic guitar accompaniment, but the real ‘instrument’ here is Domeinc’s voice. He has that singular talent of making the listener feel he/she is a personal friend, specially chosen to be party to his innermost thoughts. The songs cover the familiar themes of love, found and nurtured, lost and remembered. As an exile there are also many travel references and the challenges of making a life as a musician, writer and producer in a foreign land. A very rewarding listen. AL

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